The Doggo, the Dream and the Doorway

The Doggo, the Dream and the Doorway

Digital painting by Petra Brandström, 2023


It began with a dog.

No actually, a book.

Dad  used to read to us when we were kids, and one literary world that  really captured my heart was Narnia. I guess most bookworms remember  fondly the feeling of anticipation, the adventure at hand. The long  evenings of "just another chapter!", whether you were listening to a  story being told, or reading it yourself. Fantasy especially throws you  into a new world in a way that makes the mind soar. Turning the page is  like... opening the door.
We had dogs at home, ever since I was around nine, and until I left to live on my own. I loved them. I still do. After many years, mom and dad decided to get a puppy again. And when I met this little guy, I instantly fell in love with him too.

Fenix is a handful, but he's also super smart, and cuddly, and friendly, and so much DOG that your heart melts. He's the embodiment of living in the here and now. 

Mom sent me a picture of him waiting by the door one day. His earnest anticipation, waiting to see what's on the other side of the door, reminded me of that feeling.

The wait before the adventure.