Foreign sales and reverse tax

As I'm a business operating from Sweden, here's some information on how taxes and billing works if you're in another EU country, or if you're in a country outside of the EU.
Contact me about retail prices if you're interested in selling my cards in your own store.


For consumers:
I'm liable to pay sales tax - VAT - on all sales in my country of residence (Sweden).
VAT will be included in the price at checkout. This pertains to both goods and services.
For businesses:
If you're a business operating outside of Sweden and have a valid VAT identification number, you may be subject to tax exemption or Reverse Charge.
In that case, I'll issues an invoice that  does not include any tax rates, and you, the recipient, are liable pay the appropriate VAT for the goods or services in your country instead. I will need your contact information and your VAT identification number to include on the invoice. I can not provide this option on a direct purchase (such as through my webshop checkout). To be subject to tax exemption or the reverse charge option, please contact me.


For purchases of goods (physical objects, such as cards and art prints)
No VAT is applied on sale of goods outside of the EU, but you might be liable to pay additional customs import fees.
This applies to sale of goods to both consumers and businesses.
For purchases of services (such as digital artworks and illustrations):

If  you're a consumer, the service is taxed in the country of the seller (me). Swedish VAT is added to the invoice, and I pay the taxes for the sale here.
If you're a business, the service is taxed in the country of the buyer (you). I'll issue an invoice without VAT (see more above).


I ship all my products with the Swedish postal company Postnord.
If you choose an option where tracking is included, I will give you a tracking number once your order is on its way. The cheaper options are unfortunately not tracked and I can offer no guarantees as to delivery time.
I have no control over which shipping service takes over after the package has left Sweden. I'm careful to declare everything I ship correctly for customs and include correct shipping notes, but there is still a risk a package may end up stuck in customs for a while.
Barring this an any other problems, holidays, or global pandemics, these are the standard shipping times.



Asia, Africa, and Australia

2-7 business days

(3-4 for most countries)

5-6 business days

7-8 business days

Checkout guide

Unfortunately the site and checkout is only available in Swedish at the moment, with Swedish SEK as the only currency. You can pay with card using Nets or Stripe checkout (secure payments are handled directly through them) or PayPal express. Here's a quick guide with translations using the Stripe card payment checkout option as a template. If you have any questions, please send me an email, and I'll help you through the ordering process.

Screenshot of an example order to a consumer in germany, on Translations in yellow.