Postcard bundle - 10 postcards of your choice for only 100 SEK!

100 SEK

Mix and match! 10 postcards of your choice for only 100 SEK!
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Let me know in the comment section in checkout, or email me by replying to your order confirmation.
Choose from the list below and write down which cards and how many you'd like, up to a total of 10 cards per bundle you've purchased. If you don't specify which ones you'd like, I'll make a selection, as varied as possible.

  1. Lost at sea
  2. Zodiac: 
  3. Forest dragon
  4. Fruit dragon
  5. Death dragon
  6. Android dreams
  7. Näcken
  8. Snail dragon
  9. Skvader
  10. Ocean friend
  11. Sjörå
  12. Skogsrå
  13. Fren
  14. Seagull
  15. Monster under the bed
  16. Thespian rodent
  17. Trolley problem
  18. Seraphim

Some cards might be in limited stock. If this affects your choices I'll let you know, and give you an option to switch to another card or cancel your order.

If you want to change anything in your order, please respond with the changes you'd like to make as soon as possible.
You can only change your selection up until the point I ship your cards.

The cards have a protective and matte, satin finish.
Various fantasy motifs; dragons, mythology, folklore and science fiction!

Card sizes: A6  
- 10.5 x 14.8 cm (about 4.1 x 5.8 inches)