Skyrim, the iconic video game that quickly became a staple for any serious fantasy RPG player, celebrates it's 10th anniversary 2021. Bethesda Nordic asked me to make some art to share on social media for the occasion, and I ended up illustrating not only the Nordic countries, but Italy, Poland, and Spain as well!

I really love this game ❤️

Bethesda Nordic on twitter
My illustrations can be found and downloaded here:

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The Invisible Presence

My very first real illustration work was a lucky stab in the dark for something I always dreamed about. Making art to music, what artist doesn't want that? This PKD inspired, internationally collaborative, great sounding band, with the same science fiction obsession as me, ended up wanting my art as cover art for their first album. Bliss.

The Invisible Presence website


I was thrilled beyond words when I was offered to illustrate in the new edition of my favorite role playing game. EON, what an amazing world to paint! My artwork for this Swedish RPG publisher so far has been printed in several books as well as in the game magazine Fenix, where it ended up making the cover.

Helmgast website


This Swedish publisher of books, games, and music, allowed me another dream come true: Illustrating a fantasy book cover. The book Eli is written by doom metal singer Sandra Mattsson, and illustrated by Arnór Hermannsson Wikström.
I've also illustrated the cover for the Skjut dom i huvudet expansion Skräcken på Östra.

Vildhallon website

Science Fiction Bokhandeln

When the wall in Café Sirius was painted, I was asked to assist the artist ⁠— phenomenal Swedish illustrator and author Peter Bergting ⁠— in creating the mural that is still there today. Later, I went back to fill in the white spaces we left unpainted. This door robot is all mine!

Science Fiction Bokhandeln website

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