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Bethesda Nordic

Skyrim, the amazing, iconic fantasy RPG video game, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021. I was honored with a cool quest – making some celebratory art to share on social media – and I ended up illustrating not only for the Nordic countries, but Italy, Poland, and Spain as well!

I really love this game ❤️

I've continued working with Bethesda Nordic in 2022, making more illustrations  featuring various games, places, and holidays, for the Nordic community.

Check them out on twitter, instagram or facebook.

You can also find my Skyrim artworks here!


I was thrilled beyond words when I was offered to illustrate my favorite role playing game. EON, what an amazing world to paint! My artwork for this Swedish RPG publisher has been printed in several books, as well as in the game magazine Fenix. You can find Eon in well-assorted bookshops in Sweden, or on their website here.


This Swedish book and game publisher allowed me a dream come true: Illustrating a fantasy book cover. I made the cover art for Eli, written by doom metal singer Sandra Mattsson. I was also entrusted with illustrating the cover for Skräcken på Östra, an expansion for the super cool zombie RPG Skjut dom i huvudet

You can find both in well-assorted bookshops, or on Vildhallon's website.

The Invisible Presence

My very first real illustration work was a real life goal: making art to music. What artist haven't dreamed of that? This Philip K Dick inspired, internationally collaborative, great sounding band, with the same sci-fi obsession as me, ended up wanting my art as cover art for their album. Bliss.

Find the album on spotify, or check out the band on instagram.

Science Fiction- Bokhandeln

I've made art for several campaigns and signs at this cool store. I also got to paint a mural for the Gothenburg café wall, in collaboration with the astounding Peter Bergting. (An absolute honor!) This door robot is all mine.

Visit the stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, or find them online here.


"The painting was incredible and so well done! Every small detail made it so alive and it looks so much like our real faces! Definitely met my expectations and more!"


"Petra has the uncanny ability to pull an image right out of your head; if you have an idea for something you want illustrated, her superb skills and attention to detail will get it done!"


"How else can I describe Petra and her art other than absolutely phenomenal? I decided to get some art commissioned as a surprise gift for my brother and his wife. This was my first time ever getting art commissioned and working with an artist, and I had no idea what to expect. Petra knocked it out of the park!"


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